Sanae Nishi

Sanae Nishi embellishes human and space. She creates, hoping to inspire people to feel something.  Sanae Nishi has been active as a designer of her brand “naeclose” after launching her collection in 1997. In 2015, her uncovered, sometimes rustic but very honest creative world which has long slept inside of herself overflew. This experience made her to start working as a decorator Sanae Nishi, holding her first exhibition named “kashi” in October of the same year. She visits various countries to find materials for her collection. She also uses traditional materials of Kyoto, collaborating with skillful craftsman in Kyoto, Japan. She exhibited her collection in Paris 2015-.

Sanae Nishi ​ 装飾家(decorator) 人、空間を飾る 何かを感じ、何かのきっかけになる “もの・こと” を創る活動

1997年より作品制作を開始、naecloseのデザイナーとして活動。 2015年に自身の中にある、剥き出しの創作の世界が溢れ出し、2015年10月 初個展 “kashi” にて 装飾家 Sanae Nishi としての活動を始める。 色々な国に赴き、アクセサリーの素材を探したり、また京都の職人とコラボした、京素材のアクセサリーにも取り組んでいる。 海外の展示販売会などにも出品。