Lila Neutre

Lila Neutre is a French photographer born in 1989. Holding a degree from the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, she is currently working on an Artistic Creation PhD examining the concepts of identity and self-presentation in contemporary societies. The social practices she concerns herself with raise multiple question as to the word of apperances and question the validity of social imperatives.


PhD candidate, artist and professor in fashion photography at Parsons Paris.

KYOTO SURVEY (photographs)

In 2013 her research took her to Japan where she built the Kyoto Survey series. Based on small talks she heard and from her everyday life in Japan, this work is both fictionnal and documentary. Using the codes of staged photography, Lila’s night images drag us away into the mysterious side of Japan to question an idea of strangerness.

This series has been displayed for Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2015 and KG+.

THE REST IS DRAG (picture plates)

In our contemporary societies, super aestheticised and spectacular, the body has not only become a socially fetishized object but equally a screen onto which it is possible to project an eternally workable sense of identity. From a simple choice of clothing, a look can be the expression of a global life style, or of an existence breaking with the imposed norms of an era and a society. Our appearance is an ostentatious manifestation of an exitential choice: whether it is political, philosophical or sexual. The body an its accessories thus become a mark of allegiance or, on the contrary, a demonstration of disrespect, a sign of an unruly and marginal existence. Learning on artifice and theatre, the groups with whom Lila works (in the field of photography as well as that of socciology) use their appearance as a device of resistance while, implicitly, questioning the validity and limits of social imperatives. Beside her appeal to Japan, Lila